Viplogistics was set up in Italy in 1973, by its founder, Giorgio Montini. It operates in the industrial painting and integrated logistics sector, and occupies a total of more then 140,000 sq.m. located in the centre of Italy’s most important logistics and production district.

It is the only company in Europe that combines industrial painting with distribution logistics in the Automotive sector, and Viplogistics is characterised by a long track record of growth and success, that has taken the group to functional integration with its reference client.





For more than 40 years Viplogistics has been a key supplier to a well-known manufacturer in the Automotive sector, handling the cataphoretic coating, packaging, and stock management process exclusively, for more than 20,000 items earmarked for the after-market.

The 2 continuous cycle cataphoresis plants provide a production capacity of more than 6000 tons / year of coated plating, packaged according to packaging cycles that are designed and applied in collaboration with the client.

Viplogistics’ entire industrial and logistics process is based on a strategic goal, shared with the client, of completely eliminating times and costs due to disjointed, geographically different management of an industrial activity and a subsequent logistics and distribution activity.


Viplogistics meets this need by providing the client with a single platform at which all materials receiving, checking, painting, packaging, storing, and dispatching takes place “on site”, making it possible to have the finished product available 180 minutes after the raw material is received.

For the manufacturer, this competitive edge translates into a drastic reduction in stock levels and in distribution times, which leads the way among major vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

The Vip Group is constantly engaged in looking for industrial and logistics solutions that allow it to take advantage of opportunities and satisfy its clients’ needs.

In terms of plant, with the works finished recently, we have further reduced the production process time by 30% for cataphoresis line 1, allowing the FCA sales network to have a code available even more quickly.


In terms of property, the need for new storage areas has always been satisfied by real estate development that, over the years, has been able to respond to the clients’ time requirements quickly, by progressively acquiring logistics areas adjacent to the centre itself.

Currently, the Group owns more than 300,000 sq.m. of logistics / production adjacent area, already approved for construction and ready for building should the need arise.


The Vip Group has also invested in the renewable energy sector, setting up the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic plant in Italy.

With an installed capacity of 4,5 MW fed into the grid and consumed by us, and a saving of about 3,5 million kg of pollutant gas per year, Viplogistics is seen in the renewable energy sector as “Italy’s green factory”.